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What Kristi's Patients Have to Say

Kristi Latham, Lead physical therapist and owner of Beyond Therapy & Wellness, has a well-respected history of not only treating patients, but engaging with them and helping to better their lives. Below are a few excerpts from her patients about the effectiveness of her physical therapy services:


"I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to Kristi for improving the quality of my life!
During female surgery the surgeon put a hole in my bladder and ureter. It was a nightmare recovery with several complications. After my insides healed I had problems with stress incontinence…leaking when I sneezed, coughed, jogged, etc.
My wonderful urologist that I found after my horrible surgery recommended pelvic floor rehab with Kristi. Initially I felt a little akward but felt at ease the minute I met Kristi. Swhe is a wonderful, caring person and an EXCELLENT therapist!
She taught me strengthening exercises and techniques that I could easily do at home and integrate into my daily routine without being too time consuming. After only 9 weeks and 9 sessions my life has changed! I no longer wear mini-pads and can cough and sneeze with no leakage! What I am most happy about is I can go jogging without any issues! What a freeing feeling!
Kristi has been such a blessing to me! She is wonderful and I would recommend therapy to anyone who is even the slightest issues! It WORKS!!"

“Kristi Latham is the most talented lymphedema therapist I’ve ever encountered. I’ve had this chronic condition for six years and been treated at a world famous hospital in New York City by several different therapists. Kristi is by far the most effective in managing and improving this illness.
Her skill at lymphatic drainage massage and compression techniques is impressive and has helped me get my lymphedema under control. In addition, her intelligence, sensitive listening skills and ability to problem-solve have been invaluable. The frustration for patients of having a condition without a cure requires a medical and therapeutic approach that offers support and realistic hope. Kristi excels at this. If you’re looking for a lymphedema specialist, rest assured that Kristi is the best.”

"I was recently referred to Kristi and have seen great improvements in my condition. My quality of life has improved dramatically due to the fact that I am no off all medications prescribed to me for constipation.I have been dealing with the symptoms of IBS for 12 years, going from doctor to doctor without results. I feel better overall and am virtually symptoms free. Kristi is a delight to work with! She is an excellent communicator, highly competent and conscientious."

“I will be forever grateful to Kristi Latham. She helped me at a time when my body was a bit broken – and so were my spirits. She was a master at helping fix both.​
Kristi has been treating me for a uterine prolapse following the birth of my second child. When I first saw Kristi, I was devastated by the condition. The symptoms got in the way of my life — all day, every day. I cried at every single appointment for the first two months. Kristi was understanding and patient and incredibly encouraging. And all the while, she gently guided me in exercises that would ultimately make me stronger and make me feel better.
​I’ve been to physical therapy before for other conditions. Kristi stands out — head and shoulders above others. I think that’s because she listens, watches, and is creative in solving problems. When one exercise would strain my back, she’d think of another one to take its place. When life overwhelmed me and I couldn’t squeeze my more ambitious exercises in, Kristi made suggestions about how to work them into an average day. And she helped teach me how to move my body in the real world — so that I would avoid further damage and instead would keep getting stronger.​
I recently saw a surgical specialist about my condition. She literally cheered when she did an exam because she could see that Kristi had helped correct my condition. The problem is not gone, but my muscles are now able to compensate for the damage done. For now — and I hope forever — I have avoided surgery. I feel lucky to have met Kristi. She has a gift for helping people and I am grateful that she shared it with me.”

​”It is so difficult for me to write this letter, because I do not have enough words to thank you for all you’ve done for me these past few weeks. I knew before we started that you are a great therapist, but what I learned is what a great person you are.
Your care, concern, kindness and devotion is absolutely amazing. I feel so privileged that you are my therapist.
How lucky is every child who has you as their therapist, and I only hope that you will be able to continue servicing “our” children.”

”I’ve had pelvic dysfunction and Interstitial Cystitis my entire life but was literally refused diagnosis throughout my childhood and adolescence. I was finally diagnosed at 18. I am 25 now and have endured the pain-relieving procedure, hydrodistention, 3 times for this condition and gave physical therapy a shot after my first in 2006. It was relieving during the appointments but not very helpful or knowledgeable or lasting. After my last flare-up and in planning my 3rd procedure, I decided I had to give physical therapy another go.
Luckily, Kristi Latham was totally ready for me. I was so relieved to meet someone who was not only skilled specifically in the area of bladder pain but also an endlessly compassionate heart. Kristi is so understanding and makes me feel normal about my health issues, which I find to be rarely part of a medical practitioner’s set of priorities. She is so experienced in this field and has treated such a wide range of patients (I ask a lot of questions!), her gift seems to just come naturally.”
-Ilana Glazer http://ilanaglazer.com/

“This letter serves as my personal and professional recommendation for Kristi Latham PT, MS, CLT. Over two years ago, I met Kristi as the only Certified Lymphedema Therapist in Brooklyn’s Metro Sports Medicine – a division of Methodist Hospital. I represent the Flexitouch Lymphedema System and work throughout NY and NJ with Vascular Surgeons and Lymphedema therapists to serve patients. I also work hands on with patients in order to fit them and trial the Flexitouch System.
Writing this letter is extremely bittersweet for me because in all the years I have worked in the medical field, I have never met a person who has been such a blessing to patients as Kristi has. In an environment such as NYC , where hustling is the way of life, Kristi has made each and every patient a priority – despite her chaotic and hurried surroundings. Her compassion and understanding coupled with her thorough knowledge as a clinician has made her one of the most desired physical therapists in the tri-state area. Weekly, I would sit with patients who would tell me that Kristi is “an angel”, the “best thing that ever happened” to them. I recall one woman with Stage III Lymphedema saying to me, “No one would even look at me and Kristi touches me lovingly and treats me like a human being”. In the time that this patient was being seen by Kristi, her limb volume significantly reduced and her spirit was significantly lifted. Another patient who stands out in my mind is a gentleman who was so far along in his condition that even his physician was overwhelmed. I referred the patient to Kristi and received a phone call from the patient one month later who told me that Kristi “changed his life”. There are too many of these stories to mention in one letter.
It is sad to see Kristi leave a place that is in such great need of a rarity such as her. However, the joy comes when I think of the population in TX where she will serve – a population that is very close to her heart. I cannot express in words what a beautiful person and true blessing that Kristi will be to all patients who she will have the privilege to serve. She is extremely well respected in the industry as one of the most capable physical therapists – one who others look to for clinical advice. Even more importantly however, Kristi is an amazing human being who treats each and every patient as if they were a member of her own family. I wish her constant success in all her endeavors as she is truly deserving of it.”

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