Specialty Physical Therapy Services

Cancer Recovery Physical Therapy

The goal of the cancer recovery program at Beyond Therapy & Wellness is to get you back into life and the activities you were accustomed to prior to cancer treatment and diagnosis. During and after cancer treatment, individuals are often unsure which exercises are safe and how much of each they should do. We believe knowledge is power, and your program will include extensive education on safe exercise for your recovery. Research shows that some forms of cancer are less likely to reoccur with moderate to vigorous exercise performed regularly.


Common side effects patients report with cancer treatment include:

   ◊ Fatigue

   ◊ Decreased endurance

   ◊ Decreased strength

   ◊ Loss of range of motion

   ◊ Neuropathy

   ◊ Lymphedema

   ◊ Incontinence

   ◊ Altered balance

Physical therapy treatment will target these deficits with a specialized strengthening program to meet you where you are. Manual techniques including massagejoint mobilizations, and scar management to decrease pain and increase range of motion are part of each program. Specific training and treatment will be provided as needed to treat incontinence and lymphedema.