Specialty Physical Therapy Services

Chronic Constipation

Physical therapy effectively treats many types of constipation with multiple strategies.

Slow Transit constipation occurs when the colon is sluggish. This may be a direct colon issue (many causes) or the result of stress and over-activity in the pelvic floor which actually tells the colon to slow down. Physical therpay can effective treat this type of constipation.

Functional Constipation is more common than you may realize. This occurs when passing gas or stool is difficult no matter the consistency. The pelvic floor muscles actually contract instead of relax and are made worse by stress since the pelvic floor muscles respond to stress the same as our neck and jaw (teeth clenching). This is corrected with specific muscle training, toileting postures and patterns and abdominal colon massage.

Treatment Includes:

   ◊ Abdominal colon massage training

   ◊ Toileting postures and patterns

   ◊ Pelvic floor muscle training

   ◊ Myofascial release

   ◊ Nutrition

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