Specialty Physical Therapy Services

Chronic Pain

Tired of the Pain Pills?

We have a special approach to decreasing your pain and working with you and your doctor to decrease or eliminate your pain medications. 

When dealing with chronic pain, we understand that your body is unique and requires a special pace and program that works best for you.  You will not be rushed to to perform exercisese that your body is  not ready for and your therapist will pay close attention to how you are responding each step of the way.

How does Chronic Pain work?

When you have experienced pain for a long time your body gets used to receiving pain signals and gets into a rut of pain, not knowing how to process normal input. Your body begins to stay in a flight or fight mode all the time. This increases your nerve sensitivity and can make your muscles tight and painful, adding to your pain loop.

Chronic Pain Treatment Includes: 

Down Training your body's chronic flight or flight mode

Joint mobilizations to restore normal joint pressure

Scar massage to restricted areas linked to your pain (abdominal surgeries can result in heavy scaring internally)

Normalizing muscle tone with specific stretching and muscle release techniques

Using modalities to retrain pain nerve signals

Body mechanic and behavoiral training that may be adding to your pain circle

Progressive strength and cardio training at your body's tolerance

Call or email us today to schedule if you are ready to treat your pain differently!

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