Specialty Physical Therapy Services

Pediatric Incontinence & Bed Wetting

Children over the age of 7 experiencing urinary or fecal leakage benefit from physical therpay to improve bladder and bowel control. Treatment is catered to each child’s maturity level and includes pelvic floor muscle training, toileting shcedules, toileting postures, urgency suppression techniques, and modalities to improve nerve function.

Physical therapy treatments for pediatric incontinence and bed wetting includes:

Pelvic Muscle Control

Biofeedback is used to teach children how to properly activate and relax the muscles that control the bladder. Electrodes are placed on the outside skin and are pain and stress free for kids.

Strengthening of the muscles around the pelvic floor muscles are also strengthened as they all work together to control the bladder.

Training on proper frequency of toileting and correct posture for the most efficient emptying of bladder and bowel.

Constipation also plays a role in continence and effective voiding. Abdominal massage may be taught to manage constipation when present.

Urgency Suppression

Children are taught how to use their muscles to prevent urine or bowel leakage with a strong urge or with activity.

Neuro-muscular Re-education

External E-stim is used to improve nerve signals that talk to the bladder and pelvic floor. If pain is present, this will also help decrease pain.

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