Specialty Physical Therapy Services

Pregnancy Related Conditions

Prenatal & Postpartum Pain

Physical Therapy treatment for prenatal and postpartum women is designed to decrease pain and allow a safe return to normal activities during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy creates changes in the body which lead to a variety of pains. Let us help you enjoy pregnancy and motherhood with less pain and discomfort!

During and after pregnancy, women are susceptible to the following symptoms and injuries:

Back Pain                         Neck Pain

Hip Pain                           Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Varicosities            Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

◊ Diastasis Recti                 ◊ Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

◊ Incontinence                    ◊ Pubic Symphysis Diastasis

Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Prenatal and postpartum pain can be relieved with physical therapy. Typical intervention for prenatal and postpartum pain may include:

Massage                         Gentle Stretching and Strengthening

Splinting                         Trigger Point Release

Joint Mobilizations        Pelvic Floor Coordination

Meralgia Parethesia

During or after pregnancy, a common symptom is burning/numbness sensation of the outer thigh, (Meralgia Paresthesia) caused by nerve compression. Other symptoms include pain, tingling, or partial sensory loss of the outer thigh. This compression can either occur at the lumbar level in the back, or in the front part of the hip.

Due to the nerve location in the pelvis, compression can occur due to the growing fetus during pregnancy or from compression while giving birth.

Physical Therapy interventions include specific stretching techniques, manual techniques to relieve compression, body mechanic changes, correct core muscle use, and reducing nerve irritation.

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