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Prostate Cancer - Incontinence & ED

Most surgical procedures now use nerve sparing techniques to preserve bladder and erectile function after prostatectomy. However, due to the location of nerves on the prostate, it is common for men to experience urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction after surgery.

Research suggests that early intervention with a pelvic floor physical therapist is an essential part of pelvic rehab after surgery. Urinary incontinence is resolved more quickly as well as erectile function. In fact, the latest studies show that the first 3 months after surgery are the most important in preserving erectile function. By beginning a pelvic rehab program in the first 3 months, the nerves receive increased blood flow and are better able to heal completely. That means you get back to your normal self FASTER with pelvic rehab!

Your program will include:

   ◊ A thorough evaluation by an understanding and highly trained physical therapist to assess your current needs

   ◊ Biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle training

   ◊ Specific exercise to the abdomen, hips, and pelvic floor

   ◊ Bladder training techniques

   ◊ Neuromuscular re-education to help nerves heal faster

You deserve an expert that will guide you back to your pre-surgery self faster than kegels on your own!

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